What's Happening


Locally, the Cheryl Lyn Welter Family Foundation has been started by WKVI's Harold Welter as a foundation to help local, underprivileged kids who would be unable to participate in extracurricular activities. Proceeds from LaCrosse and Wanatah will be presented to Mr. Welter at the girls' North Judson game on December 5th. Text CHERYL9 to 71777, drop your donation off at DeLams in LaCrosse or the J-MARt BP in Wanatah or send in before the game on December 5th. Make checks payable to "Welter Family Foundation". Thank you for your support. The teachers association has already given a contribution.

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Finals Week

December 20-22

**Last day before Winter Break is December 22**

Jan 10th Drama Club is sponsoring a Family Ice Skate Night at Central Park more in formation in the link below:

About LaCrosse High School

  • Colors Forest Green & White
  • School mascot: The Mighty Tiger
  • School Song: "Illinois Loyalty"
  • Enrollment: Our school has over 120 students. You get great 1 on 1 attention here!
  • Technology: We are 1:1. Each student at the high school has a school-issued device. 
  • School History: The first school house in LaCrosse was built in 1890, where the present gym stands. Then, in 1915, the school was moved to where it stands now and the gym was added in 1950.