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Solar Eclipse Plan: August 21, 2017

As a school community, we are going to have an exciting opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse during the school day on Monday, August 21st for the first time in 38 years. Our area will actually only have a partial solar eclipse, but with technology, the live stream will give us the ability to see the total solar eclipse.

We want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to share with our students what is happening in this real life event and the science behind it while maintaining an orderly and safe atmosphere in our school for all students and staff members.

The time frame for this event is just before noon (approx. 11:55 am) until dismissal (approx. 2:45 pm).  The total eclipse, at which time it will be very dark outside, should happen at approx. 1:20 pm.

  • Students should be able to view this event via live stream in class and in the gym. We are choosing to use the NASA live stream. It will play in the gym from 11:55 am to 12:30 pm.

  • As a district, we have chosen not to purchase any of the safety glasses due to mixed reviews/recalls on their usage/effectiveness.

  • If parents choose to keep their student home, it will be an excused absence per the IDOE.  However, we will NOT encourage this because this is such a unique educational opportunity with so many teachable moments coming our way.  We desire for all of our students to be in attendance on this day.

  • We are also asking all teachers/staff to pull blinds down for exterior windows before the start of the day, so there is no opportunity to forget, have students look out when they shouldn’t, etc.  We do not want students to be nervous about this event, either. Classroom doors/interior windows and openings should remain open as usual.

  • Here is a kit of information, background, activities, and graphics from NASA: https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/sites/default/files/NASA_Eclipse_Activity_Guide.pdf

  • Here is a link to the Live Stream NASA page: https://www.nasa.gov/eclipselive

  • As a district, we are directing all teachers to take time out of their afternoon to talk about this amazing event and educate our students about it.  Please make sure you are informed ahead of time about basic information about solar eclipses.

    • We do ask that you remain inside of the building all afternoon.

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