Our History

The information in the documents has been pulled from the "Cooking with Tri-Township" Cookbook that was sold by the LaCrosse High School Class of 2018.

Here is an excerpt from the Appreciation page in the cookbook, " We would like to thank the researchers of history: Marlene Menne Mitzner (Wanatah 1962) for Cass Township; Betty Gundlach Hucker (Wanatah 1963) for Dewey Township, and Irene Werner Marks (attended Willvale from 1923-1931) for Prairie Township. Information was obtained from various personal collections, the LaCrosse and Wanatah libraries, the Wanatah Historical Society, the LaPorte County Museum, schools, and newspaper articles. Also like to thank Fern Eddy Schultz, LaPorte County Historian, for her contributions as well as articles by the late Dorothy Stevenson."

Thank you to Juli Mitzner Charlesworth (LCHS 1984), Missy Gudeman Rosenbaum (LCHS 1986) and Kelly Hucker Kiel (LCHS 1987) for being on the Cookbook Committee for the Class of 2018.

Please enjoy the information below.